How To Recover Your Funds From Axe Invest Scam

After receiving tons of requests from the forex community about how they can get their money out of this platform, we know there is some foul play on the platform. Just by looking at the interface of Axe Invest’s website and how little the information provided on their website it is deduced that Axe Invest is just another broker offering fake trading services. The website design is targeted at noob traders, the amazing design which is most likely a clone of another website is to entice new traders, scam brokerage platforms have been cloning authentic brokers’ websites to lure victims for ages now.

One of the best things you can do as a trader is to read online reviews about the broker you are interested in to make sure you are not tricked by these fraudsters with good looking websites. Reviews help you get the opinion of other traders that have used the platform. If a trader was scammed by a particular broker, they will likely drop a negative review about the broker on social media or online forex forums. A simple social media search about a broker can save you. 

However, some scam brokers have flooded the internet with fake positive reviews, so don’t be tricked by these reviews before believing a review on social media make sure the person dropping the comment is a real person and not a bot. Some online forums like forex-peace-academy and Trustpilot have a way of fishing out false positive reviews, so you can check them out for a more accurate review.

Axe Invest is yet another broker that is only interested in scamming traders of their money. We have a knack for spotting fake scams from a mile away thanks to our good review team with years of trading experience. Stay away from Axe Invest or any broker of similar character.

Is Axe Invest Licensed or Regulated?

As far as we know, Axe Invest is not licensed by any serious regulatory authority. Yes, they are unserious regulatory authorities. As far as you are concerned any regulatory body without strict regulatory requirements like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom or the Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) or any other European regulatory body should not be taken seriously.

Axe Invest is owned by Madar Partners Ltd. An offshore company registered in the Marshall Islands. The regulatory body in Marshall Island is known for its absence of financial requirements and regulations for forex brokers, therefore, shady forex platforms go there to register, just to deceive the unsuspecting traders.

This is another reason for you to stay away from this broker and any other broker associated with them. Go for brokers that are registered with appropriate regulatory bodies to ensure the security of your funds.

How to recover lost funds

If your fund is already on the Axe Invest platform, the best thing to do is to get your money out as quick as possible. A withdrawal request might not be helpful as most people have said the broker has either put the request on hold or just cancelled it, this is what most fraudulent broker does when it comes to withdrawal. The broker will likely try to sell you another pitch of the scam scheme by telling you to pay a fee to activate your withdrawal, do not send any money to them again as this is another scheme in the sham. If you pay the money you still won’t be able to withdraw.

Hire a Recovery Expert that specialises in this type of broker scam to get your money, the recovery expert might need to work with you if they will be filing for a chargeback or just require you to provide some information if they are using another method. The Recovery Expert will help you file for a chargeback if you have paid to the broker through a bank approved transfer method. If not the fund recovery expert will deploy other methods some might even include blackmailing the broker.

You can find a professional Fund Recovery Expert on Recovery Pro. Recovery Pro is a recovery platform with about a 90% success rate for Forex broker fund recovery related issues. Go speak with an agent on Recovery Pro as soon as possible to get your money before it is too late.

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