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Do you know that over $72 million is lost to various scams within a few months of 2022 based on statistics by scamwatch??

The scam rate for a long time has reached over the roof, with millions lost yearly to several scams. The 21st century sure made it easy for lazy and incompetent individuals to extort the use of the internet for unethical activities. Several scams are now in vogue at the detriment of several years and time of hard work. Online frauds can be dated back to the 20th century, with anonymous people lying about their identity to extort wealthy individuals, later to blackmail and to illegal and unreal investment platforms, and malicious malware and viruses sent to hack people’s accounts. With time, a group of professional computer analysts and anti-cybercrime come together to prevent these activities, which are often called anti-scam or anti-cybercrime. But with recent updates, many of them turn out to be scams, after which the so-called recovery platforms can loot the little you have left to recover your lost fund. You don’t check for their validity, if they are certified or how well they have recovered lost funds in the past. Many don’t check for how trusted they are and testimonials about previous works and how good they are. Here are tips to check for when checking for the best fund recovery platform, and this is where comes into play. They’ve recovered over 650 million dollars lost funds and thousands of cases handled with ease and trust by clients with more than eight years of service. After this is said and done, it’s of utmost importance that you recognize the common tricks played to scam individuals and how to discern and also avoid them when noticed. And what can be done when you are a victim of scams that are totally out of your reach? What can you do when you’ve also tried every option you can to recover your funds? This and more will be explained as you go through this article.

Three Common online scams

  •  Phishing: Phishing turns out to be the most typical and easiest way of hacking and gaining access through someone’s account. Phishing is the act of gaining crucial and confidential information like your social media accounts, email accounts, bank and financial accounts, and other important documents related to you, using malicious malware and tricks. The funny thing about phishing is that the crime is committed by someone close to you. They involve People who can access your details easily, like your colleagues at your place of work, a friend who has access to your details, or even a family member. They gain access to your private life and use it to blackmail you most of the time. But if such an attacker has limited information about a victim, they send a malicious virus or unreal and fake messages about an opportunity to entice them. After this tricks you, they later blackmail or, better still, access to their financial account makes it easier to withdraw it all.
  • Investment scams: This is also one of the fast-rising scams. People are easily cajoled with Ponzi schemes and overrated R.O.I. (Return On Investment). Investment scams are diversified and will list a few that you should be wary of when you hear anything related to it. They include; Cryptocurrency scams, Forex scams, Ponzi schemes, Celebrity scams, Real estate scams, and many more.
  • Now the question is, is it wrong to invest in this kind of investment? Of course not, but there are red flags to check for when you come across investments like this.
  • Avoid High return investment. E.g., anything close to 50-100% yield after a few days with a repeated guarantee is a warning sign; beware!!!
  • If it seems too good to be true.
  • Anonymous message from unknown individuals.
  • Unprecedented protection about your investment with less information about how it works
  • Unregistered investment platforms
  • Payments to anonymous or strange accounts.

Watch out for these significant points before undergoing any form of investment.

COVID-19 online scams: surprisingly, many individuals take advantage of this global disaster. It’s one of the fastest-rising scams since 2020. They pose as top health organizations like W.H.O., C.D.C., USAID, and others to trick individuals about treatment, tests, and information about the disease. They also sometimes pose as top government officials to send relief funds and request a token to process yours, which is a lie. Sometimes they use malicious links also to gain access to your device.

The major scams of this century have led to billions of funds being lost forever. However, what steps to take after you’ve fallen victim to these erroneous actions?

  • Gather all information and record all the documents and transactions you did. Such as bank records, debit/credit card transactions, emails, chats, and receipts.
  • Engage the customer service of the bank company either physically or digitally with proof of ongoing transactions. (It’s possibly reversible within 24 hours).
  • Answer questions asked promptly to help recover your funds and ensure a thorough follow-up about updates.
  • You can also visit law enforcement agencies to fight your case majorly.
  • Locate units assigned to anti-cybercrime and provide evidence or documents of events between you and the attacker.
  • Ensure you follow up thoroughly and be readily available when you are needed.
  • The last point is to engage legal authority in the matter.
  • You can employ a lawyer if the case is with an upstanding and well-known investment organization.
  • Check with versed legal authorities and plead your case.
  • Submit required details and take your stand in the law to actualize the detriments and losses they’ve caused you.

These are the primary ways by which you can effectively recover your funds. But what about situations where you fall victim to an unregistered organization whose accounts seem untraceable? What if you don’t have enough to pay for the exorbitant charges requested to recover your funds? What if you become the attacker instead of the victim? This is where Recoveries Pro comes in. We are a group of experts with several years of experience and expertise to recover funds. We offer the best service you can ever think of and show you the progress of what’s been done so far concerning your funds. Our customer service is top-notch to calm you down as we understand how agitated and scared you are about the funds you’ve just misplaced. Not only is the best platform to recover lost funds, but we also offer tips on how to strengthen your security for your funds and upgraded guidelines on what to check out for in investments and other business deals. Why not visit to confirm this yourself, since seeing is believing.

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