The 21st century has birthed remarkable advancements in the history of human civilization. It has recorded the highest level of digitalization in technology, talking about artificial intelligence (AI), information technology (IT), data processing, information and communication technology (ICT), and lots more.

As much as these advancements are suitable and intended to make life easier and better, the decline in the world economy has pushed so many youths to manipulate all of these technological innovations, which is to the detriment of other poor and innocent people. Meanwhile, the state of economic conditions does not justify this dubious act. The research observed that many of these unscrupulous elements are greedy and find pleasure in manipulating and taking advantage of others.

Online Scam in 2022

There are so many ways in which you can be scammed. I mean, I will explain a few types of scams. So grab your cup of coffee and come along with me.


In the EMAIL type of scam, you will receive a mail, for instance, directing you to apply for a job. Although you will be asked to make a payment for an application fee, this fee will be meager compared to all the packages involved. Alternatively, you may not be required to pay now, but the info you will be required to drop may be highly confidential, making you lose all the penny in your account.


A link to a fake government site will be sent to you by the scammers in this scam. The operations on this site

Depending on the type of government website that the scammers intend to imitate. For example, it may be about processing official passports, national identity cards, visas, etc.

They promise to process or renew these documents for you for free99 or at a very low price. However, most times, after you have been charged a fee, no application will be processed, and you won’t understand the functionality of the site; that is, your dashboard or portal won’t load anymore.


Here, scammers use dating platforms, like websites or social media groups, to get personal details from people. Then, they use your information to sweep money out of your account. Furthermore, these scammers chat with you and do things that appeal to your emotions to make you like them. Once this is achieved, they create a financial need like telling you they ran out of gas, and then they appeal to you for assistance. Once you send the money, they either block you or continue scamming you. To avoid being scammed on or through dating sites, ensure you are on a reputable website—lookout for someone asking lots of questions but not giving enough details about themselves. Do not let anyone you don’t know or trust transfer money to your account or have access to your account details.


In this fraud, scammers create online holiday booking and accommodation sites to scam customers into paying for accommodation or a trip that does not exist. The victims become aware of being scammed when they arrive at the accommodation venue only to discover that no booking was made.


This is another common type of scam that has brought tears to the eyes of many. Here, the scammers create a site and claim to be experts in forex and cryptocurrency. They will do so much to earn your trust to make you invest with them. The return on investment will be very enticing, considering the duration they promise your cashout is withdrawable.

All of the above are just a few of the common types of online scamming. To avoid being scammed:

1) Avoid sharing your social media details with a stranger. Strangers are those you do not know and can not trace their whereabouts. Please do not share your social media, contact number, or email info. Doing this means you are stepping into being scammed.

2) Don’t share confidential details of your bank account with strangers or people you have no business with. Even if they want to send you money, be suspicious. No one is a Father Christmas.

3) Don’t jump quickly on schemes and free offers. Fraudsters are everywhere now and will do almost anything to make you believe in them.

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