Where Do I Get A Trusted Hacker in 2022?

Unlike before, during the early 2000s, when only the bad side of hacking (Black Hats) was known to the public. And this can be associated with the fact that the term hacking only appear on the news when there is a security breach or when a major Black hat hack was carried out. We can also attribute this misrepresentation to various Hollywood hacking movies, where the hackers are always breaking into one security system or the other, hacking Bank Server, the US Treasury Department and other Black hat Jobs.

Due to these reasons, hackers could not freely advertise their services on the web, like creating a website for people to hire hackers for various hack jobs. Hackers could only advertise their service through online forums or the dark web.

Where Can I Get A Trusted Hacker?

Now the average individual has the understanding that hackers don’t only do Black Hat jobs but also White Hat jobs like Penetration Tester, Vulnerability Assessors, Information Security Analysts, Security Consultant, Security Engineer/Architect and so on. Hackers can now advertise their services properly online like any other business will do.

Where Can I Get A Trusted Hacker?

To hire a hacker now, just go online and search for “hackers for hire” there will be a turn of results for different hackers for hire on various websites. The problem now is how to recognize a trusted platform to hire a hacker. Things to look out for before hiring a hacker from a platform:

  • The User Interface of the website you want to hire a hacker from must look like it is well put together and in a professional manner. Do not hire a hacker from a shabby-looking website with a poor User interface or you face the risk of losing your money.
  • Look up the address on the website and if possible contact the phone number on the website to confirm you are transacting with a real person.
  • Check if there is a track record of hack jobs done, to check if they are competent enough to carry out the particular hack job you want.
  • Ask people online if they have hired a hacker from the platform before and ask how their experience was.

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Things You Can Hire A Hacker For

  1. Save your company from Cyber-attack

The major purpose for which you should hire a hacker is to do some Ethical hacking or White hat hacks. The main objective of ethical hacking is to find vulnerabilities in the organization’s digital security by simulating an attack once a vulnerability is exposed, ethical hackers would use the exploits to illustrate and prove how cybercriminals might exploit it. Here are some of the most common security vulnerabilities an ethical hacker may discover or test for:

  • Failed Authentications 
  • Confidential data exposure
  • Regular use of components with known vulnerabilities
  • Injection Attacks
  • Penetration Tester.
  • Vulnerability Assessor.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Security Consultant.
  • Security Engineer/Architect.
  1. Hack Social Media Accounts 

You can hire a hacker to help you get unauthorized access to different social media accounts. The hacker uses various techniques, ranging from Man In A Middle attack, where the hacker serves as an intermediary between the User/Victim and the Web application, having access to sensitive information such as login details through this process. Another method hackers use to gain access to login details is phishing, which is the most common and effective method used by hackers to deceive people and steal their information. Here, a hacker creates a fake social media login page and share it with the victim to log in from the fake site. When the victim enters its credentials, it directly into the hacker’s hand. 

  1. Funds and Cryptocurrency Recovery

A hacker has the technical know-how to trace and retrieve stolen funds. If you were scammed and you want to retrieve your money be it, Investment scam or Cryptocurrency scam, hackers are funds and Cryptocurrency recovery experts that can help you retrieve your funds within a short period. All you have to do is make contact with the hacker and submit details of the transaction or how you were scammer.

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